M.U.J.E.R. – Give Miami Day

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Covid-19 had a disastrous impact on everyone but there were groups of people such as immigrant families and farmworkers who did not qualify for public assistance and whose immediate needs were not being met. Just like in the past, MUJER began the arduous journey of not only making sure that their employees & families were safe but began voicing the plight of immigrant families and farmworkers to those agencies that could make a difference. Consequently, more than 1,000 families (many already infected with Covid-19) have received rental and utility assistance; more than 10,000 PPE kits have been distributed and covid-19 outreach efforts are still on-going to ensure that families heal and stay safe. More than $300,000 in direct assistance has been provided to the neediest of the needy; a 24/7 emotional HelpLine is being launched to address the mental health and trauma suffered by thousands of families and MUJER continues to advocate for free testing in specific neighborhoods of south Miami Dade County.

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