Since MUJER first opened its doors in 1997, it has successfully implemented more than 10 different cultural and linguistic programs to serve the target community.

Programs consists of:

DV and SV Intervention: to help primary and secondary victim/survivors  in their healing journey.  These services are provided to the individual and the entire family from the child who witnesses the abuse to the person enduring the abuse.

Community Outreach, Education, and Awareness: to help prevent and reduce the incidents of DV and SV violence in the target service areas while reaching immigrant populations that do not usually assess main stream services.  MUJER is continuously coordinating and/or participating in informational health fairs that are held with in specific underserved areas where immigrants live and dwell.

Emergency Assistance: For victims and families at the poverty level, emergency aid during a crisis is a lifeline. MUJER has three means of distributing emergency aid: FEMA Emergency Food and Services Program funds  *approximately $20,000 each year to provide food vouchers, shelter, rent and utility assistance to low-income families; Emergency Assistance: MUJER has received supplemental funding every year from the Sunbeam Corporation; Jardon Solutions to assist victim's needs not covered by FEMA funds.

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