Agency Mission/Vision/Philosophy


At M.U.J.E.R. we provide a trusting environment that promotes emotional wellness and stability by empowering individuals through advocacy, direct response to domestic and sexual abuse, and support services that strengthen families.



M.U.J.E.R.'s vision is to become a model for other agencies in providing a full scope of effective; science based services that are client centered in rural and agricultural communities.


We believe that people hold the answers to many of their problems.  We know that many times when life has dealt too many blows, people begin to feel that they live in hopeless situations an oftentimes "give-up".

  • At MUJER, we understand. Many of us share similar backgrounds with those we serve.  We welcome the opportunity to listen, to observe and to assist people find their own strengths.
  • At MUJER, we do not judge, we do not tell, nor do we force people to do what "we" think they should do. Instead, we help them find what "works" for them.
  • At MUJER, people are treated with common courtesy, respect and dignity, regardless of the color of their skin or the nature of their need.
  • At MUJER, we promote families "staying together", but only when the family as a whole is working in a healthy way towards that end. Our first priority is the physical and emotional safety of anyone being victimized.
  • At MUJER, we believe that societal problems cannot be addressed by a single entity, rather by the community as a whole.  Thus, MUJER promotes partnerships with other service providers.
  • At MUJER, we strive to provide quality and culturally sensitive service to our community.