Domestic Violence Intervention

“Every two seconds a women is beaten.”


Based on the horrific statistics that highlight the prevalence of domestic violence in the United States and the Florida State Attorney’s report highlighting South Miami-Dade County’s high incidence of domestic violence, MUJER partnered with the University of Miami, School of Medicine to conduct focus groups with farmworkers, who provide the labor for the area’s largest industry in deep South Miami-Dade. Based on the results of the focus groups we developed programs to decrease the high incidence of family violence among migrant and seasonal farmworkers, and increase awareness and accessibility of intervention resources.


Our programs primarily serve Hispanic immigrant women and children who are at higher risk of family violence. Activities are based upon an integrated service strategy.

First, MUJER provides an immediate, direct response to reports of domestic violence and provides services to ensure the immediate safety of the victim.

 Second, MUJER provides follow-up supportive services to victims through family counseling, support groups, legal assistance, court advocacy and emergency financial assistance. 

Third, MUJER finds creative ways to educate the community through outreach efforts via workshops and presentations in areas frequented by immigrants such as community centers, flea markets and food distribution sites.

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