S. Rodriguez

I was a participant of Nosotras Viviremos and I am 11 years old. The week after learning about our bodies in a lesson that includes the menstrual cycle I had the opportunity to share what I had learned with my friend. She is also 11 years old, and started her period in class. She was so afraid that she even began shaking and told our teacher not to tell her mother because she would get punished. I went to sit next to her to tell her that what she was going through is normal. I told her about the classes I was taking at MUJER and explained what I had learned. She looked at me—while asking “Do you think my mother will hit me?” I said no, why should she. My mother might think that I am doing something wrong. I told her that I would be happy to go with her to tell her mother and that I could even tell my mother to talk with her. I noticed that she felt a little better after I offered my help. And in turn felt good that I was able to help.

When she told this story to the other group participants, many could not believe it and asked – How could that be possible with all the commercials and shows that have girls talking about their periods. S. Rodriguez stated, “That goes to show you that not all of us know everything.”

Thank You, S. Rodriguez

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